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Roxanich is a boutique winery of rare, long aged, premium, natural wines, from ancient Venetian lands.

Our family’s wine adventure in Istria began 30 years ago. Roxanich is a boutique winery of rare, long aged, premium, natural wines, from ancient Venetian lands. Since the beginning our focus has been an uncompromising attitude towards quality and to produce authentic wines in harmony with nature. Today every Roxanich wine is a reflection of the magical place where it was created, the philosophy behind it, and our centuries long Venetian Family heritage.

Roxanich wines are produced in small, exclusive quantities, which stubbornly counter today’s fast, aggressive commercial production outputs. No matter what your preference is, you will find a perfect bottle for any occasion. Our selection of 20 labels, including a new sparkling wine and a fortified wine, ranges from light and refreshing whites and rosés, to rich, long aged and macerated white, orange and red wines. Our exclusive showrooms are located at Brand New Wines in Zurich, Switzerland, and inside the new Winery and Design Hotel in Motovun, Istria.

Family Heritage

The Swiss entrepreneur Mladen Rožanić, based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, founded his avantgarde winery in Motovun with single estate vineyards in Bušura and Bačva, Istria, and runs it still today personally with his six daughters, the eponymous Sorelle, adhering to strict organic winemaking rules, producing only natural wine.


Obsessed with the Soul of Wine

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Mladen Rožanić is perhaps best described as the first movie director of wine. He displays his own handwriting as an outlayer in the wine business, thinking honest but big, and creating equally honest but big wines. He creates spaces for taste-jumps never seen before, delicate and elegant, unified in one single glass of wine. No winemaker has shaped the natural wine scene like Mladen Rožanić in recent years. With a maximum of knowledge, he brings wines to bottles with a minimum of intervention.

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Long Aged Rare Natural Wine

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Roxanich wines are in constant movement, always dancing into the focal point, they simply alert your attention. A single glass of his masterpieces often catches the whole scene, transforming effortlessly from first to last sip. The collection is too plentiful to be experiences at once by a single wine lover. Like watching a movie from the grand era of Panavision, a simple snapshot is not possible: Each of the wines develops an own narrative, and plays a different role.

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Design Hotel

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Discover our new eclectic, contemporary design hotel in the heart of Istria. It rests perched on a hillside, beneath the gentle shadow of Motovun, overlooking the spectacular scenery of river Mirna valley. Enjoy chic, exquisitely designed lodging in one of our 32 rooms and suites. Taste our sublime zero-kilometre cuisine, and casually indulge in some very serious wine tasting, as your base for exploring unique Istrian experiences such as truffle hunting or seaside lounging, all within mere 30 minutes from us.

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Wine Awakening

A Winemaker's Story

Mladen Rožanić gives his wines as much time as they need to harmonize on their own. “Patience is a fantastic cellar technique”, he says. “Because wines need time to find each other.” He works tirelessly on the completion of his vision of earnest natural wine, created with love and minimal intervention, using long forgotten and neglected, ancient vinifying skills, he applies now for more than 25 years. The Roxancih cellar is located inside the hill, directly beneath the hotel. Each of its four levels is dedicated to a certain part of the winemaking process – vinification and maceration, ageing, and archiving. The grand finale is the tasting room, where one can immerse calmly and deeply into the whole universe of the Roxanich wine experience.

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Roxanich Vineyards

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Roxanich vineyards are located on historically valued lays, recognized since ancient times. Mondellebotte (Bačva), Bussure and Valle are known as “best grounds” ever since. The south-east to south-west oriented lays are characterized by slight slopes of pendants of 5 to 7 degrees, open for a beautiful wind exchange typical for the West Coast of Istria. The lay’s proximity to the sea shore, yet 200 meters above the sea level, allows the vineyards to benefit from a classical thermal exchange: Cold winds blow gently in the night from the mountains towards the sea, and in the afternoon from the sea towards the mainland.

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Take advantage of everything the Roxanich Winery and Design Hotel have to offer.

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