Roxanich Experience

At its core, it is a gently subdued form of delicious decadence. Sitting comfortably, with a perfectly chilled glass of Mirna Sauvignon Blanc in your hand, take the time to unwind and ease into the moment.


Wine Getaway

Two nights' stay in a Deluxe Valle room, breakfast, a private winery tour with wine tasting & a farewell gift

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Sights, scents, sounds and echoes of the past, all meet here in perfect harmony. All shall be well. And all manner of things shall be well. Time to finally experience the true meaning of those words.

This moment, and many more such moments are in store for you. Is there a better reason to fall in love with Istria, safe in the knowledge that she will return your affection hundredfold?

To truly experience Istria, one must be willing to let go of all the busy thoughts and unwind. Take a deep breath. Slowly ease into it. Allow yourself to get off the grid in a relaxed, almost subconscious state of mind.

The feast for the body and soul awaits. Local food so honest and flavourful, you might find yourself overcome with emotion. Roxanich natural wines, tasting of their respective terroirs, will elate you and fill you with comfort. Our rich, meditative approach to wines will evoke deep reflections, described by some as equal parts nostalgia and absolute happiness. Our long macerated wines will challenge your assumptions and surprise you.

At Roxanich, your palate will be treated to many intricate and delicious creations.

There is so much to do and to see in the vicinity of your home away from home at the Roxanich Winery and Design Hotel. Our central position gives plenty of opportunities for a day trip in pursuit of cultural events, gorgeous beaches or beautiful vistas. All Istrian destinations are less than an hour away, most of them under 30 minutes.

Wine Tasting

During your stay at the Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel, indulge in fine dining and take the opportunity to taste our wines. Our wine tasting tour is an enjoyable learning experience that will take you through the entire process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

Our Cellar

Our cellar is located inside the hill, directly beneath the hotel. Each of its four levels is dedicated to a certain part of the winemaking process – vinification and maceration, ageing, and archivinge. Awaiting at the finish is the tasting room, where you get to experience the final result. Taste, experience, indulge.

Mirna Valley

Take a walk via the heritage Parenzana route through the river Mirna valley. Lose yourself in its picturesque serenity and clear your thoughts. The section between Vizinada and Motovun has been popular with walkers for some years.

Truffle Hunting

The nearby forest is a treasure trove of the delicate and delicious white truffles, as well as black summer and winter truffles. Join the truffle hunting expedition and experience the thrill of finding those culinary diamonds in the rough. As the exciting hours fly by, you might get a bit hungry. Perfect, as the feast featuring the tasty tuber follows afterward.

Local Produce

If you appreciate a healthy lifestyle and organic, locally grown food, take a guided trip to some Istrian family farms and see where the ingredients for each meal come from and how they are grown.


Indulge More

Take advantage of everything the Roxanich Winery and Design Hotel have to offer.

This project was cofinanced by European Union from the European Fund. The contents of this web page are the sole responsibility of Roxanich ltd. This project was cofinanced by European Union from the European Fund. The contents of this web page are the sole responsibility of Roxanich ltd.

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