Heart of Istria. Crossroads of memories. Mix of cultures, each leaving its mark on the history, tradition and culture of this peaceful land. Ancient Rome, Venice, France and Austria Hungary - empires have vied for Istria, enriching its heritage.

An enchanting place, determined to delight all our senses. Experience Istria the way she was meant to be experienced. Feel the history. Taste the extraordinary wine selection. Smell the Mediterranean nature. Bask in Zen like sounds. Revel in glorious sights.


Motovun is an ancient guardian of central Istria, a destination rich in culture, gastronomy and enchanting terroir.

Birthplace of Legends

For a town of less than one thousand residents, Motovun has certainly had more than its share of famous people. Formula 1 Champion Mario Andretti was born here. His childhood days were spent racing his tiny wooden car through the cobbled, narrow streets, just as he would later race his Lotus F1 car across the tracks around the world.

The Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor dreamed up the iconic gentle giant Veli Jože, while Miroslav Šutej, one of our greatest contemporary visual artists, created the Croatian coat of arms and flag in his Motovun home.


The town has always attracted extraordinary and creative individuals, and among others it was home to Josef Ressel, one of the inventors of the ship’s propeller.


Your stay at Roxanich Wine & Design Hotel can be as laid back or as filled with adventure as you desire. Here is a taste of some of the typical experiences that we offer.

Go for a Truffle Hunt

Nearby oak forest is a treasure trove, filled with white and black variants of this incredible tuber. Join a hunting party, with specially trained dogs, and see what is hidden in the Motovun forest.

Visit the Local Farmers

See firsthand where we get the fresh ingredients for our restaurant.

Find Out How Roxanich Wines are Made

Discover the entire process. From choosing the perfect spot for the vineyard, to the slow, natural maceration process and ageing in oak barrels treated with bees wax only. When it comes to wine making, we take no shortcuts.

See the Mighty Boškarin Ox

This majestic cattle breed can only be seen in Istria. Wonder through Istrian hinterland to see them up close. The succulent, delicious Boškarin meat might be the highlight of your discovery of Istrian cuisine.

Enjoy a Spot of Wine Tasting

After all, you are in the heart of our wine country. Discover our wine cellar and let our expert guide walk you through a Roxanich wine flight, one glass at a time.

Dream up Your Very Own Adventure

And we will make it happen. Fancy an aerial view of central Istria? Want to visit the Roman Arena (the famous ancient amphitheater of Pula), or take a dip in the pristine waters at the Kamenjak nature preserve? Just let us know.





Take advantage of everything the Roxanich Winery and Design Hotel have to offer.

This project was cofinanced by European Union from the European Fund. The contents of this web page are the sole responsibility of Roxanich ltd. This project was cofinanced by European Union from the European Fund. The contents of this web page are the sole responsibility of Roxanich ltd.

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