Winemaker's Story

Mladen Rožanić embodies that fiery passion for one's art. Skills honed in a relentless pursuit of knowledge, hard work and love are that secret ingredient of each bottle of wine he creates.

Mladen is, before anything else, a connoisseur. A passionate consumer. Someone who enjoys wine and regards it not as an alcoholic beverage, but a fine food item. In his family home, fine dining and fine wine were always regarded as an important part of a lifestyle.

Experience gained through tasting and discovering led him to immerse himself in extensive research, an exploration of wine creation and culture. Mladen spent many years in furious pursuit of knowledge, learning the intricacies of the winemaking art.

As a self-educated winemaker, Mladen was able to steer away from certain dogmas that come with a formal education. In other words, he was free to choose his own way and tell his own story through his wines.

“I never understood why Istrian wines shouldn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with their French and Italian counterparts. Istria, with its long history of winemaking and the choice of interesting indigenous varieties, offers all the prerequisites for making exceptional wines.” – M. Rožanić

After all, the history of winemaking in these parts reaches to the ancient Phoenicians and continues, uninterrupted, to this day. Is there a better proof that Istria is a perennial land of wine?

Starting with red varieties this part of ancient Venetian lands are renowned for - Teran and Borgonja, the offer grew and today includes a selection ranging from light whites to long macerated wines, indigenous and imported single varieties and cuvées, all created in a natural and honest way.

Our winemaking philosophy

We create wines for those who wish to taste a genuinely fine product. For someone whose lifestyle is enriched by little luxuries, things they indulge in during those special moments, in private or in good company. For someone who feels deserving of the best and is willing to go out of their way to obtain it.

Our wine is for a discerning person. An inquisitive soul. Someone who needs to know what they are drinking, how it was made and how its creation affected the planet.

We wish to be fully transparent in our winemaking. We believe this is the only way to make a truly natural and honest wine. We don't strive to merely satisfy the norm, we are not interested in certificates and adhering to just the formal rules of the game. We believe in a holistic approach with balance in life that translates into every aspect of one’s work, especially the creation of a wine.

Wine - Our daily bread for over 9000 years

Deeply rooted in our civilization, earliest records of vine cultivation and production of wine come form China and are dated to 7000 BC.

Ancient Greeks attributed magical properties to wine and considered it a drink of the gods. Wine feasts and festivals were often dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine. Famous philosophers Aristotle and Plato always had a cup of wine beside them during their legendary discussions.

Wine played a crucial part in the human path through the ages. All that time, humanity worked hard to master its secrets and refine it. To get it to the point where we are now.

Definition of a Vintage

Everything around us is defined by a constant shift. And as all things change, we change with them. A person today is not the same person it was a year ago, or a decade ago. We see no good reason that wine should remain exactly the same year after year.

Vintage can rightly be experienced and understood only if we refrain from "touching it up" with imported tannins and flavors. Unrestrained, wine will tell us about the vines that bore the grape, about the grape that shaped it, about its maturing in the cellar and aging in the bottle. Only then can we listen to its tale and truly get to know it.


The teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the work of Maria Thun had a profound effect on our winemaking philosophy, giving root to the natural and honest winemaking practices we adhere to.

Steiner was a 19th-century philosopher, spiritualist and the father of biodynamic agriculture - a type of organic farming, guided by the principles of sustainability of the soil, adherence to the rhythms of the cosmos, and balance.

Maria Thun expounded on Steiner’s philosophy, put it to practical use and developed a moon calendar, detailing the phases for planting. An invaluable asset to winemakers interested in biodynamics.

“I pursue a new vision for winemaking. To achieve that, I need to change the awareness of wine lovers. Why should winemaking always promise the ideal interpretation of reality, and not depict the reality itself? My wines are honest, raw yet delicate as nature itself.“

"Wine is a living thing It lives inside the bottle and goes through all the stages of development."

R. Steiner

„I want to awaken the percepcion of wine, understanding it as nature intended it. I want to explore its meaning, and transfer this cognition to wine lovers. I am returning to the origin, and I always discover something new. ”– M. Rožanić

Honest and natural winemaking

A lot of factors go into making a natural wine. It is more than just the process, it is a philosophy - a determination to make the final product, as well as its creation, utterly transparent.

There should be no secrets.

What makes our wines natural

The winemaking process is reminiscent of the ancient times. The wines we make would have been made much the same way hundreds of years ago.

We don't use chemicals, apart from the minimal sulphite infusion before bottling. We treat our barrels only with natural agents, like beeswax, and do not introduce extraneous tannins to the wine.

What makes our wines honest

We do not touch up our wines and make them uniform. We wish to give you the taste of each particular crop year, each outside element that shaped it and the art in bringing it all together. This way, you can taste its whole journey in each sip.

More than a promise

Some wines are sold en primeur, while they are still at the early stages of their fermentation. They are promised to the future owner long before they mature, sometimes years before they are bottled and ready to be tasted.

Our approach is different. We do not believe in selling you a promise, but to deliver on it.

We feel that you should be presented with a fully grown and matured - finished wine. This approach drives our work and our top range wines will continue to be sold to you ready to be enjoyed.


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